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    About Royal Phoenix Life Services

    Royal Phoenix Life Services LLC is a private practice created by Morgan Graves in 2020. It is founded on the mission and vision below.


    Royal Phoenix Life Services contributes to the progression and wealth of positive mental health by developing and refining tools to support an increase in personal and professional growth opportunities. Royal Phoenix accomplishes this through empowerment, literacy, and enhancement of self-care.

    Philosophy and Vision:

    Royal Phoenix Life Services stands on the premise of 3 symbols: 1) A crown of royalty representing the wealth of happiness, self-discovery, and authenticity 2) A phoenix representing the ability to renew and uplift and 3) The path of life as acknowledgement of life’s twists and turns.

    Royal Phoenix provides support in building wealth on your journey through the paths of life, regardless of your starting point. Wealth is exhibited by the abundance of those things most valuable to you. We strive to guide you to your ideal abundance of peace, wholeness, and tools to take on life as it comes your way. Royal Phoenix utilizes a strength based approach, developing, embracing, and refining your base knowledge, experiences, and resources to align with your best self.

    We all have obstacles throughout our lives and with the use of tools for self-alignment we are able to renew ourselves like the rising of a phoenix from ashes. This creates a life of wealth, full of value that sustains the best version of yourself.

    About Morgan Graves

    Hello! I am Morgan Graves. I’m a lover of all things full of laughter, fun, and adventure. I have a humanistic approach to therapy. I meet you where you are and walk with you on your journey. I enjoy experiencing the growth of my clients as we work on living an intentional life that honors all parts of you.

    I started my career in education in various teaching roles as well as school counseling and then transitioned to therapy in private practice. Within the mental health field, I have worked with individuals of various backgrounds and ages from 14 to 85 years old. I draw heavily to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with utilization of Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Reality Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy, and mindfulness. I am also a Gottman trained therapist which is the modality used for couples therapy. I also support other therapists on their journey to private practice with one-on-one consulting, group consulting, and Self-Made: A Therapist’s Guide to Starting a Private Practice, a workbook for purchase.

    I provide a warm nonjudgmental environment where you are safe to explore your needs, both hidden and unhidden. I support personal and professional development by redefining the terms in which you exist. I guide you to explore boundaries, learn and understand triggers, evaluate and build coping strategies, gain awareness and acceptance, and navigate towards your best self with the use of your voice.

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